Community Outreach

Bereavement Doula Support

Ashley recently trained as a Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula, and is dedicated to companioning women through the loss of their child in any trimester.  A bereavement doula’s job is to slow things down for the mother and family, validate the very real feelings of grief and loss, provide options, and follow up with resources. A bereavement doula understands the process of giving birth to a child that is not alive and that mothers deserve to celebrate the baby through a welcoming ritual and a farewell ritual. Through the nonprofit she founded, Cradled Hearts, Ashley is committed to educating the community and local health care workers about trauma-informed care following the loss of a pregnancy.  For families who have experienced the loss of a child in any trimester, her volunteer work is focused on building memory boxes to assist families in welcoming their babies born silently in a way that is meaningful and inclusive of all options.